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Reporting EVIL

May 14, 2009
Beware – Two conflicting approaches in reporting evil

The Holy Qur'ân has adopted a unique approach to prevent and curb evil. Firstly, it does not publicise acts of evil. If, for some valid reason, an evil act is publicised, it is done according to Shar'i evidence. For example, the act of adultery is publicised with the enforcement of its punishment (stoning to death) so that this publicity becomes a deterrent for committing such immoral acts.

If without Shar'i evidence and punishment, acts of immodesty are publicised, then naturally this will result in disastrous consequences. Firstly, it will even cause a decrease of abhorrence in the hearts of the public towards such acts. Secondly, it will cause the public to become bold to commit such crimes frequently.

Currently, we are witnessing this approach of the media in practically all its forms. The public read or hear these reports for which there is no real punishment. Naturally, the evil feeling of such acts diminishes from their hearts and gradually a strong feeling to commit them is created.

Hence, the Holy Qur'ân has only allowed such reports to be publicised for which there is Shar'i evidence. Together with this publicity, the dreadful punishment for these evil acts are also enforced.

The Holy Qur'ân has ruled all such evil reports for which no Shar'i evidence or punishment is available as a means of spreading immodesty amongst the Muslims. Alas! If only the Muslims could take heed. Those who spread evil reports amongst the Muslims are promised a severe punishment in both the worlds. (Surah Nûr) (Adapted from Ma'âriful Qur'ân, vl. 6, pg. 380)

Note: Please ponder over the above explanation before reading the reports of the present-day media.

~ Madrasah Arabia Islamia ~


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