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Ritshidze project again highlight the uncaring attitudes and lack of treatment literacy information in Gauteng clinics

Neelam Rahimneelam@radioislam.co.za

3 min read
22 January 2023 / 20:51 pm CAT

The latest data revealed by the organisation Ritshidze show uncaring attitudes, a lack of treatment literacy information and poor patient confidentiality in Gauteng clinics. The 3rd edition of the State of Health Report compares data over the last two years of community-led monitoring in Gauteng, indicating nothing for the health department to celebrate.

In discussion with Radio Islam International, Rithidze Project Coordinator Ndivhuwo Rambaou said
Data from the latest reports and research over the past two years indicate that a main concern is the issues of staff attitudes, more so to the people living with HIV.

According to Rambau, 65/ of patients thought that clinic staff were friendly and professional. However, 25/ of the patients had said that if they missed an appointment, they would either be shouted at when they returned or sent back to the end of the queue.

Nationally, Rithidze monitors eight provinces and over 400 facilities. In Gauteng +/- 126 facilities are observed, with the primary areas in the City of Tshwane, City of Johannesburg, and Ekhuruleni, as per Rambau.

Meanwhile, the attitudes toward the elderly are in concern, and the rise of many complaints of elderly abuse and advantage taken of the vulnerable is being seen in the community.

Reports show that many older people have suggested their day at the clinic start very early, followed by a long wait in the queue.

According to Rambau, standard operating procedures exist where the elderly should not generally stand in the queue. Many of the elderly have suggested in statements that they cannot receive their complete treatments and are told to go to the pharmacy to go and buy medicine.

“The elderly are living of their pension and cannot afford to visit a Clicks or Dischem to buy medication in a weekly or monthly basis,” she added.


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