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Russia prepares for a long war

Jun 08, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

The UK said it would give Ukraine M270 multiple-launch rocket systems that can hit targets up to 80km (50 miles) away in a move coordinated with the US.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin says Russia will “strike targets we haven’t hit before” if Ukraine gets new long-range missiles.

The Russian Ukraine conflict over 100 days into its war, Radio Islam speaks to Dr Ivan Starodubtsev, One of the leading Russian experts on Turkey and Russian-Turkish relations, the author of three books and numerous articles for leading Russian and Turkish media about bilateral ties for an update on the situation. 

Dr Ivan says, “This war will last for a long time. Full security has become a topic on the shipping of wheat from the Ukrainian parts, which indicates parties are preparing for a long war.”

The UK supported by the US in the background. What does giving these weapons to Ukraine signify? Can Russia no longer be brought to the table of diplomacy, and are they now expecting Ukraine to defend themselves with these long-range weapons and Russia threatening in response.

What can we expect from the move by Western Nations?

“Putin never speaks empty words, so if he said that Russia will consider some targets, it means many things. Till now, Russia has avoided any targets abroad Ukraine. But I believe it is important that other countries consider if the United States made such a step,” says Dr Ivan.

The war started from a Russian invitation to the West to reconsider the security architecture around the globe. In all attempts made by Russian Diplomacy, Russia was rejected, so we may not say it was the Russian wheel to starting this war. Russia calls it a special operation, but it is understood that this is a war in the Russian republic. A war not only in Ukraine but all the collective West.

Six thousand three hundred eighty-seven sanctions counted on Russia alone, making it the most sanctioned country in the world.

Dr Ivan says, “Russia will have to rebuild itself relying on our potential. Russia has enough potential, money and human resources, know-how and technologies. I believe we will see rapid changes in the Russian economic profile in the nearest years.” 

“Two Turkish officials said a number of times that the West is why war is going on, and the West does not allow Ukraine to sign a peace agreement. This made Turkey very sad, but now we see important development. Turkey found a very important role as a supplier of food to the foreign markets to provide the world with food security, so Turkey is still at the table providing a positive effect to the current situation,” says Dr Ivan.


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