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SA is 2,000 megawatts aloof from level 8 load shedding

Jul 01, 2022

By Neelam Rahim

South Africa is on stage 6 of loadshedding, affecting people’s business, and a few investors are threatening to depart.

While we are still thereon, it’s been reported that the African nation is simply 2,000 megawatts off from Stage 8 load shedding – and whether or not it happens depends on the state of the ability system.

Eskom said Stage 8 are implemented when 8,000 megawatts are missing from the national power system.

On Thursday, the country was in phase 6 of ongoing power outages – which Eskom said were mainly because of ongoing protests over a wage dispute.

“From where we are now at level 6, we are 2,000 megawatts far away from level 8 [load shedding]. “Eskom will inform you as soon as there’s a necessity to vary the extent of load shedding up or down. Unfortunately, we’ve to tow to the dictates of the machines at this time,” said Eskom spokesman Sikhonathi Mantshantsha.

Level 8 means consumers are immersed darkly for 48 hours or 96 hours over eight days.

Meanwhile, Joburg City Power said the regional grid wasn’t designed to hold the strain of the frequent on-and-off electricity switching.

The utility said the added pressure on several of its depots was the reason for extended blackouts in and around the city.

“There are 77 suburbs that one depo must pander to, also that it carries some essential services including the reservoirs at Brixton and Crosby, the water reservoirs and therefore the health facilities – even the education facilities in those areas. That’s why we must accommodate a number of the problems that are raised in those areas,” said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.


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