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Saaberie Chishty Gets New Ambulance from Oasis Crescent Fund Trust

Aug 26, 2017


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 26-08-2017


Oasis Crescent Fund Trust says there needs to be more community based ambulances to provide much needed emergency services to residents and the less fortunate. 

The financial services company officially handed over a new ambulance to the Saaberie Chishty Society at the Pentarosa Hall in Lenasia on Friday. 

Saaberie Chishty emergency services which was formed in 1988 has been serving the community and saving lives for more than 29 years. 

Chairman of the Oasis Crescent Fund Trust Mohammed Shaheen Ebrahim says more organizations need to take responsibility for its communities instead of asking government for assistance during trying times. 

“With the significant challenges and stresses we face in our country today, it is paramount to improve the quality of services so that we can reach our people.  We all have a role to play to improve the health and wellbeing of our society, but this organization goes above and beyond.” 

Head of Saaberie Chishty ambulance service Aboo Baker Sayed says the ambulance donated by Oasis Crescent Fund Trust will go a long way in serving the community. 

“We have sacrificed our energy and time for the past 29 years only by the generosity you made possible. It’s a clear gesture of continuing to stand by us in an ongoing campaign to add value, promote health and welfare and bring relief to the sick, physically challenged and the disadvantaged.” 

Saaberie Chishty Society says it will also be relocating its headquarters, which includes the burial, welfare, and ambulance services from its current premises in Dahlia Avenue to its madressa complex later this year. 

It’s says the ambulance services long term vision is upgrading from intermediate (ILS) to advanced life supports (ALS) services to better serve the community.


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