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[Sabahul Muslim] Tawakul, Trusting in Allah’s Plan

Transcript by Yumna Moosa

“And put your reliance and trust in Allah if you are true Believers.”

[Surah al-Maa’idah (5):23]

The Ulama has mentioned that there are three types of people.

The first type of people are those who rely wholly on Allah, without personally asserting any effort towards the end goal themselves. The term used to describe this concept is Tawakul, which is understood from the Quraan and Sunnah. If a person is to rely entirely on Allah, then at that point the person should not resort to any outward means of obtaining a goal.

The next type of person is the one who takes the means to achieve a desired outcome, while relying solely on the means. Noah (A.S) could not convince his own son to seek refuge in Allah. His son, instead, relied on the fact that he would be on the mountain to protect him from the floods. In the end he had drowned. This action is sinful because it goes against Tawheed, and therefore it contradicts Tawakul.

The last group is those who takes the necessary means to achieve the desired outcome, and places their trust in Allah. This is the basic level of Tawakul that is required by Muslims.

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