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Sad Day for Joburg Zoo as Kinkel the Elephant Dies


 Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 05-09-2018


The Johannesburg Zoo says one of the elephants at the zoo has died.

The Zoo says the 35-year-old male elephant known as Kinkel passed away on Tuesday after suffering from colic for many years.

Kinkel was relocated to the Johannesburg Zoo from a farm in Botswana more than ten years ago after he was injured in a snare leaving him with a hole in his trunk and couldn’t live in the wild any longer.

City Parks Louis Gordon says Kinkel’s care takers including his 39-year-old mate Lammie are very distraught by his death.

Gordon says Kinkel’s death is a huge loss for the Joburg Zoo.

“Lammie is still around because elephants are very social animals. We all know that elephant’s grief quite a lot. They’re very much like humans, so we are taking very good care of her and we are well aware that she will miss Kinkel quite a lot since they were together for the last ten years in the same enclosure.”

Gordon says the zoo will consider whether they can replace Kinkel as there are a number permits and conditions that are required.


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