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Sahabah: Our Guides. Part Two: Hadhrat Umar (RA)

Nov 12, 2014

Setting out with sword in hand, heart determined to assasinate,
Not knowing that loyalty to his target was decided as his fate!

Openly, he began praying in the haram, leaving the enemies awestruck,
So strong in Imaan, even the devil took another road, without trying his luck!

He showed the world what the true meaning of justice is, in the way he got things done,
Steadfast in following the Nabi*, he showed no favour or clemency to even his own beloved son!

Humility in a leader, he proved to be one that cannot be easily matched,
As he addressed his people, in clothes that were many times patched!

Oh Umar!!!!!!**

We are thankful to Allah, that, in accepting the Dua of the Nabi, you were His choice,
For it is your Islam that has given Muslims the world over, a strong and clear voice!

* sallalahualaiwasallam
** radhiyallahu anhu wa radhu anh


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