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Sanef Condemns Sexism at WAN-IFRA World News Congress in Portugal


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News – 11-06-2018

The South African National Editors’ Forum (SANEF) has condemned the sexist remarks and harassment that took place during the recently held WAN-IFRA World News Congress in Portugal.

The organisation which was celebrating its 70th year anniversary, is a global gathering of journalists, editors, publishers and media CEOs who are “passionate about media freedom and taking action to ensure a sustainable news industry.”

The event was marred by a number of highly inappropriate sexist remarks and harassment which included a comedian making jokes about “fake breasts and fake news” and the Chairman of the International Press Association of Portugal openly harassing female delegates.

In a statement, Sanef says the chairman also called his “favourite” female colleagues on stage, made them wear cloaks and called them his “Charlie’s angels” and tried to kiss a colleague who strongly objected.

“When confronted, the Chairman stated afterwards that he was sorry that international colleagues were offended but that in Portugal his remarks were “culturally appropriate” and entirely inoffensive. Portuguese women journalists and editors however disagreed saying that they were in fact deeply offended.”

SANEF says the remarks and harassment undermine all women and women in leadership in the global media industry and will be taking up these issues with the organisers to discuss a way forward.


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