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Saving Grace in the Modern Age – Loyalty Programs

Sep 26, 2018


When times are tough, the cash-strapped get innovative. Housewives come up with amazing ways to cut costs and husbands suddenly take on hobbies or DIY projects to save on costs.

Coupons and loyalty programmes are popular overseas especially in communities where money is tight and the use of coupons and loyalty programmes are well supported giving households the ability to save.

South Africans, however, are less familiar with this growing trend in many parts of the world and how it is saving billions of rands in the tough economic climate for those who are in the know and taking advantage of the many loyalty programme rewards and points.

The saving impact is huge especially on consumer goods including fuel, electricity and food. Consumers have saved billions of rands in loyalty programme rewards offered and are increasingly taking advantage of their reward points.

The rewards not only lighten the burden for the consumer but some programmes allow you to give back to the community which is a bonus as it allows for the money to be used in projects to uplift and empower within communities bringing about much-needed help to impoverished schools and other organisations.

Stores such as Clicks and Pick n Pay have more than 7 million active members, each, on their programmes and have paid out more than R3 billion in cashback rewards to their customers. Add in Woolworths who have saved their customers more than R 520 million and helped with assisting socially to uplift and develop communities, we should be asking ourselves why we aren’t getting with the programme!

So the next time you’re out shopping, find out if the stores you frequent offer these cash-saving initiatives and take advantage.

Annisa Essack


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