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Scales of Justice!

By Fadeelah Patel 

As I sat in the front row of Court D at the Krugersdorp Magistrates court where one of the murderers of our Marhoom brother Muhammad Fayaz Kazi, was scheduled to appear, I was overwhelmed with a myriad of mixed emotions!

I may have been in Court D in person but my heart and mind was in Ventersdorp with a grieving mother! I wondered what her emotional condition must be like when I, as a total stranger to the Kazi family, was hurting so deeply!

I found myself wondering how I was going to react when I see the face of the beast who pounced at an innocent human being driven by prejudice, hatred, racism, bigotry and intolerance! A beast who had such fierce vengeance, hunger and thirst that he preyed upon a soft target like our brother Muhammad fayaz like a lion preys on a doe!

I was contemplating if I might throw something at him or try to spit in his face when he emerged from the holding cells beneath the courtroom!

My mind was flooded with thoughts! Thoughts of a tragedy which claimed a life! Thoughts of a beaten up man with a bruised face and an even more bruised heart! Thoughts of a Mu'mins love for the Deen of Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala and the Sunnah of our Nabi Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam! Thoughts of a devastated mother! Thoughts of a shattered father in law! Thoughts of a traumatised family! Thoughts of grieving siblings! Thoughts of a widow! Thoughts of the dire consequences which a family has to face by losing a breadwinner! Thoughts of a furious community! Thoughts of the extent of racism and islamaphobia in our country! Thoughts of our constitution and the protective laws therein! Thoughts of our justice system!

Although the court was packed, I was in my own sad world, preoccupied by million questions which were swimming in my mind! Is justice going to be served? Is the issue of racism and Islamaphobia going to be addressed by government? Will religious intolerance be allowed to continue in our country unabated?

What steps will be taken by government, lawmakers and ordinary South African citizens to ensure that wild racist beasts do not prowl the streets of our country? Will we succeed as a Nation to rid our country of racist beasts? Will we, as a Nation succeed in ensuring that history does not repeat itself?

A tap on my shoulder jerked me out of my world of hope into the real world only to be told that court is adjourned! My heart sank! For a brief moment I panicked! My eyes fell upon the scales of justice which is painted on the wooden box in front of me! The first thought that occurred to me was the scales of justice in Allah's court! I suddenly felt at peace and derived solace from knowing that if the justice system of this temporary world fails us then it was ok because Allah's justice system will NEVER fail us!

With this thought lingering in my mind, I left the courtroom!

And Allah knows Best


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