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Sheikh Bassiouni: “Al-Tawheed Centres are not mine, but yours, so look after them”


By Ejaz Khan 

Thirty Five sisters from Lenasia went on an excursion to visit some of the Al-Tawheed Centers founded by Sheikh Bassiouni. What they witnessed was the continuation of the Dawah work he had initiated and was so personally involved in, for so long. 

The centres they visited :

Masjid e Rahmah, Extension 10 ( 164 Students )
A 78 year old man and his wife accepted Islam 3 days ago at the centre, proving that it is never too late to join the
ever growing family of Islam.  

Palmridge (118 Students )
Sisters are in full Hijab and at a higher level of Islamic education.

They plant their own vegetables and cook  using from that which they planted.

Sebokeng (140 Students)

Sheikh Jamaal, who lived with the people of Sebokeng for a year, showed the sisters the progress that had been made.

One of the observers: “2 years ago when we came here, the Kids were sitting in the sun. Now they have a shelter and a place to play, Alhamdulilah” 


Weillers Farm (154 Students )

A husband and wife team maintain the centre and keep it in excellent condition.

It is a place of learning and people come from all around to seek knowledge and pray their Salaah, read Quraan and learn more, everyday.


Grasmere – (173 Students)

This is where it all started. The palm tree was where Al Tawheed was founded with Sheikh Bassiouni giving his first lessons, serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of this institute of Islamic learning that has seen it now grow to 16 centres all in all.

The Grasmere centre also has sewing classes so sisters are equipped with a skill to be able to earn money or make clothes for them and their families.

 Al-Tawheed Centre

Bilal Technical College – Lenasia South

The Fully fledged school is furnished with state of the art equipment and its iconic setting is a landmark in Lenasia South. 

In an emotional LIVE link up with Sheikh Bassiouni from Egypt, Sheikh reduced all present to tears.

Sheikh Bassiouni : “Al-Tawheed Centres are not mine, but yours, so look after them.”

He thanked everyone for their Duas and said: “Egypt is not my home, South Africa is my home.. continue to make Dua for my speedy return” 

Another sister, touched by observing the active Dawah work remarked :  This is uplifting, to see what sheikh was doing in terms of improving the standard of lives of indigenous population. 

Co-ordinator of the excursion: “Every center has a crèche setup, so the sisters who come to learn about Islam are able to focus on their learning,safe in the knowledge that their kids are occupied and safe while they attend classes. Food is provided so the mothers can feed their young kids, eat and learn. For some this is their only meal for the day. 

Sheikh has done remarkable work and it will continue, In-sha Allah.”


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