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Short-Lived Romance

Today many couples go through the western un-Islamic concept of a premarital courtship. They regard this Haraam association as an essential trial period for a lasting relationship. However, reality seems to indicate otherwise. Neither courtship nor romance is a guaranteed for a lasting happy married life. In fact, it would be true to say that many couples exchange marriage vows while they are deeply infatuated. Not long after, they are divorced. Short-term whirlwind romances also offer no guarantee for a happy ending. In short, premarital relationship removes the joy and ecstasy from the nuptial bed.

Divorces becoming common: Broken marriages and divorces in Muslim homes are as common as the housefly. There is trauma and grief in almost every family. The children beat the brunt of the agony. The parents and grandparents too become submerged in the depths of sorrow. The estranged mother suffers from a lack of financial means to support her or the children if they are in her custody. The father, usually frolicking somewhere else, fails to provide the adequate maintenance. The parents and the family of the daughter grieve over her hardship. In other cases, they are stricken with worry over the divorced daughter. Looking after her is just as difficult as looking after a teenage daughter.

The causes of divorce are many, beginning with a loss of chastity due to a history of past affairs of either spouse, of infidelity, alcoholism, drugs and interference by the in-laws. The only solution lies in adopting the laws of Deen in totality. A lasting marriage requires faithfulness from both partners and adherence to the injunctions of Allah Ta'aala.


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