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Solidarity says its members will go to work on Monday

Neelam Rahim | neelam@radioislam.co.za

2-minute read
17 March 2023 | 21:17 CAT

Image: Politics Web

Image: Politics Web

With the country on tenterhooks as the EFF and several unions plan a national shutdown on the 20th, one trade union has already indicated that its workers will go to work on Monday. Trade union Solidarity says it has sent letters to the more than one-thousand-200 companies where it is organised. It states that its members will show up for work on Monday and that employers are expected to remain open so that Solidarity members can work.

Speaking to Radio Islam International, Solidarity’s Connie Mulder said several members and employers had raised concerns in fear of attending work on Monday. However, Solidarity reassures its employers there is nothing to fear as Solidarity has put in contingency plans.

He says, “The EFF party has never successfully organised any protests and we should not allow ourselves to be bullied into subservience by a clown in a red overall who is not going to be able to muster the support he wants.”

According to Solidarity, more than 90/ of voters do not support the EFF party. Mulder said threatening companies that if they do not close, their properties will be at risk is mafia behaviour.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be threatened and intimidated by thugs and the best way to show them that we are not scared is to simply go to work, get on with it and allow the clown to continue on his circus,” he added.

Listen to the interview on Your World Today with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie and his guest Solidarity’s Connie Mulder.


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