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Sweetnes of Iman, The Eternal Flavour

Apr 20, 2010
Ya Allah
Why do I battle?
A constant Jihad,
Within me,

Darkness I no longer see,
Towards the light I’ve turned,
Ya Allah, You are the turner of hearts,
Turn my heart more towards thee,

I am now on your path,
I’ve turned away from dunya,
I live to avoid your wrath,
But still I have but one plea,

For I search constantly,
And five times a day I turn to thee,
In my quest,
For the sweetness of Iman,

I have felt a touch of it at times,
But then it’s gone and my search begins again,
Oh my Allah, Oh my glorious creator,
Am I doing something wrong?
Is transgression embedded in my behaviour?

Do I see it not?
Am I susceptible to every sinful dart?
Yet I see it not?

Oh my Allah, I long to bask in your splendor,
I thank thee for thy countless favours,
And beg thee to grant me one more,
Iman, With Sweetness, the eternal flavour

I long to see my abode in Jannah,
Oh my Allah, I long to get the taste,
I long to sit atop mountains of pearls of unimaginable magnitude,
Overlooking gardens beneath which rivers flow,

Oh my beloved Allah,
I yearn to run freely in the fields of contentment,
And to never leave the shade of your blessed throne,
Ya Allah, I crave for my heart to constantly be shown,

The love for my creator,
The Blessings of the hereafter,
Your Mercy, Your greatness, Your favour
Sweetness of Iman, The eternal flavour.



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