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Thank Allah after Eating and Drinking

Thank Allah after Eating and Drinking

One of the teachings of Islam is to praise Allah, after satisfying one’s hunger and thirst, in words such as these: All praise is due to Allah who provided me with food and water, and who made me one of the believers. We cannot survive without food and water. We require these things continuously throughout our lives. Allah has made perfect arrangements for our survival. On the one hand, He has provided water in abundance on the earth, on the other; He has provided ample nourishment which we can obtain with the minimum of effort.

When a believer is hungry and thirsty, and he eats and drinks, he is overwhelmed with the feeling of how great Allah is who has made such splendid provision for him. If Allah had not done so, he would have suffered the pangs of hunger and thirst, having had to go without food and water. His whole body expresses his acknowledgment of Allah’s bounties and he calls out: Praise be to Allah for all of His abundant provisions!

On receiving bodily sustenance we are reminded of the spiritual sustenance provided for us by Allah. Through revelation Allah gave us the knowledge of what He wants from us, thus enabling us to lead our life according to His will and ensuring success in the next eternal world. We then remember Allah with even greater adoration. Every moment of our life, we ought to keep praising Allah, who has made the most superb provision for us, both physical as well as spiritual.




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