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Feb 10, 2010
The aviary is huge with many different species of birds. The owner out of his generosity created a hole at the bottom of the aviary, to allow the birds to gain freedom. Ultimately some birds found the opening and ventured out, to discover enlightenment and Freedom.

Some birds could not fly because their wings were not strong enough due to captivity. Others flew to treetops and experienced greater heights. Others soared towards the sky and experienced indescribable bliss. The birds that gained freedom went back to the aviary to guide the other birds to freedom and bliss. Each guide tried to explain the way and the experience according to his experience of the ground, treetop or the limitless sky.

There seemed to be a contradiction, but it was only a matter of perception. They named the opening in the aviary as the Shariat. The guides urged the other birds to lower themselves to the bottom to gain lofty heights and freedom. An argument ensued among the birds in the aviary. Some could not understand how you can become lofty by lowering yourself. Others argued, why was there a contradiction among the guides. Their ensued a war of words and differences of opinion.

The birds started forming groups according to their arguments and each group felt they were right. Nothing is wrong or right but thinking makes it so. Those birds that followed the guides without question also became divided. Some got engrossed in the Shariat and did not go beyond to attain complete freedom and bliss. They argued about the flaws in the Shariat. Some said the hole is whole others said no it’s not a hole it is flaw in the aviary.

Some went beyond and gained freedom. Others still were impaled on the jutting pieces, due to negligence. Others managed to get through with minor injuries. Those who followed the guide’s instruction got through safely. Alas it was only a minority. The majority are still engaged in their war of words and real wars.

By Zakariya Cassim Sema


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