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One day, all the pupils of the class were asked to bring something beautiful to school. Their teacher wanted them to look at the beautiful item and write about it. Some children brought flowers, whistle others brought pictures or fancy boxes.

The loveliest thing brought that day was Zahra’s beautiful clock. It was pink and silver. Zahra’s mother had bought it for her when she had learnt to tell the time. Everyone admired the clock and wanted to touch it. Zahra did not let anyone touch it as it was very delicate and she did not want it to break.

During the break, Basheera, a girl in Zahra’s class, decided to have a closer look at the clock. Zahra was busy with her friends when Basheera decided to pick up the clock. “Don’t touch it,” another girl warned. “You don’t have permission.”

Basheera did not listen to them. “I’m just looking at it,” she replied. But then, as she held the clock in her hands, she felt it slip from her fingers. CRASH! The clock fell to the floor and broke into pieces.

Zahra heard the noise and rushed to see what had happened. She saw, to her horror that her beautiful clock was broken. Tears filled her eyes. “Oh Basheera, why did you have to touch it?” she asked.” “My clock is now broken and my mother will not be able to buy another one.” She sat down and cried.

Basheera felt very bad upon seeing Zahra cry. She also began to cry. She knew that she should not have touched the clock without permission. She felt so guilty.

Basheera went home crying that day. She immediately told her mother the story. Her mother scolded her for touching something that did not belong to her. “You will have to buy Zahra another clock,” her mother said. “Will you lend me the money?” Basheera asked.

Her mother replied firmly, “I do not need to lend you the money. You already have money saved.”

“But I saved that money so that I could buy something special for myself, “Basheera said sadly. “Can’t we use your money to buy the clock?” “No,” said her mother. “I did not break the clock, you did! You will have to use your own money. I hope that you learn a lesson from this.”

Basheera’s mother phoned Zahra’s mother and found out where she had bought the clock. Basheera and her mother then went to the same shop to buy another clock. They managed to get one that looked just like the one that Basheera had broken. Zahra was very happy to get the new clock.

All Basheera’s savings were now used up. She began to save again. She will soon have enough to buy something wonderful for herself. She now knows better then to touch things that do not belong to her.


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