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The Delight of the Heart

By Shaykh Saud bin Ibrahim bin Muhammed Al-Shareem Imaam and Khateeb of Al-Masjid Al-Haram

I advise you and myself to have Taqwa of Allah; it is the provision that will be most beneficial on the final Day.

Allah (Subhaanah Wa Ta’ala) says advising His Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam): “Recite (O Muhammed) what has been revealed to you of the Book (Quran), and perform as-Salah. Verily, as-Salah (prayer) prevents from al-Fah-shaa (great sins of every kind) and al-Munkar (disbelief, and every wicked deed). And the Remembering (praising) of (you by) Allah (in front of the angels) is greater indeed [than your remembering (praising) Allah in prayers]. And Allah knows what you do.” Al-Ankabut 29:45

He, Allah (Subhaanah Wa Ta’ala) also said: “I (Muhammed) have been commanded only to worship the Lord of this city (Makkah), Him Who has sanctified it and His is everything. And I am commanded to be from among the Muslims (those who submit to Allah in Islam). And to recite the Quran.” An-Naml 27:91,92

Allah (Subhaanah Wa Ta’ala) said: “Nay, but they, the clear Ayat [the description and the qualities of Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) written like verses in the Torah and the Gospel] are preserved in the breasts of those who are have been given knowledge (from the people of the Scriptures). And none but the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers¦) deny Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons and signs).” Al-Ankabut 29:49

He (Subhaanah Wa Ta’ala) also said: “And we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and be remembered, then is there any that will remember (or receive admonition)?” Al-Qamar 54:17

Allah revealed the Quran, a beacon of light that cannot be extinguished. A methodology and way of life that is perfect in all respect. In it is strength that cannot be equaled or repelled. It is the foundation of Imaan and the spring of knowledge. Allah ruled that the Quran be what quenches the thirst for knowledge. It is the delight of the people of wisdom. The Quran is the greatest cure for all ailments. The Quran is Allah’s Rope that cannot be severed. It is the Wise reminder and the truly straight path. In the Quran are the parables of those who were before us, a prophesy of that which will be after us and a criterion to judge between us. It is Truth with certainty that was revealed to us. The one who lives according to its dictation will be rewarded. The one who judges according to it will be just. The one who calls to it is on the straight path. Allah raises and lowers people with it.

The Quran, on the Day of Judgment, will intercede on behalf of its reciters. Rasool ul Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said: “The one who reads a single letter from the Book of Allah will be rewarded with one Hasana (good deed). (Know that) A good deed is multiplied ten times over. I do not say Alif Lam Meem is one letter. Verily, Alif is one letter, Lam is one letter, Meem is one letter.? Reported by at-Tirmithi and it is Sahih.

O Muslims!

The Book of Allah to humankind’s guidance is like the soul to the body. Therefore, he who abandons its recitation and does not act in accordance to its laws is in a state of spiritual death. Allah (Subhaanah Wa Ta’ala) says: “Is he who was dead (without Faith by ignorance and disbelief) and We gave him life (by Knowledge and Faith) and set for him a light (of Belief) whereby he can walk among men, like him who is in the darkness (of disbelief, polytheism and hypocrisy) from which he can never come out?” Al-Anam 6:122


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