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The Eldorado Park Police Station Commander Removed

Neelam Rahim /

3-minute read
16 February 2023 / 22:27 CAT

Image: ENCA

Image: ENCA

The Eldorado Park Police Station commander has been removed. This comes less than a week following the assassination of anti-drug activist Ayob Mungalee. Community anti-crime activists have welcomed his removal.

All these violence and killings have been happening under the watch of the Eldorado Park police station commander Brigadier Maluleka.

In conversation with Radio Islam International, community anti-crime activist, Dereleen James said since the station commander had come into Eldorado Park, there were no open communication channels for the public to report crime with no knowledge of the commander’s operational plan for the community.

She added that many attempts had been made to create an open-door policy which contributed to the conclusion that he needed to be a better fit for the community.

The Yes Eldos Again movement said the removal of the station commander, the residents of Eldorado Park must realise their power and claim back their streets.

“We cannot be having daily murders and no accountability. The blatant disregard towards community complaints and allegations of corrupt members by the station commander required decisive action,’ says James.

While the challenge of issues and drugs has been in the Eldorado Park community for a long time, the past year has seen an escalation in the crimes recurring daily.

The commander’s removal may not be a significant victory for the community. However, James said it is a step in the right direction and an opportunity for the right person to come in and serve and protect the community.

Meanwhile, the assassination of anti-drug activist Ayob Mungalee has sent waves of fear amongst activists.

The movement says efforts continue to fight against the many social ills and injustices that plague the community. “We have been fighting this fight for over 10 years and we need to strengthen our efforts and pull together to rid our community of this rot,” James said.

Listen to the full interview on Your World Today with Mufti Yusuf Moosagie.


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