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The Mask of Art…


I never understood it a very strange feeling beyond all others
I don’t exactly know what I should begin to call it but all I know is it was amazing
something so different I looked up and finally I saw something worth looking at
at first I was afraid because for me it was something new

something so extraordinary I didn’t quite know how to handle it
but then I couldn’t stop staring
it was so beautiful it was like a butterfly finally escaping from its cocoon
I think a part of me flew away I took a step out of my comfort zone

out of the dark and that day I took off the mask
which had been there for a while but it came off unexpectedly
and that moment I couldn’t run from the truth
I saw my reflection in a tiny rain drop that just missed my hair

and I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing it was me the real me
finally exposed to the sunshine oh so bright
I’m free and I’m loving every minute of it because after all this is how it was meant to be
The heart expresses emotion and pain,

the fingers spill the colour and beauty,
the mouth summaries the silence it has its sound,
a feeling, its heavy with sigh of tree and space between breathes,
its ripe with pause between birdsong and crash of surf,

art is golden it is also addictive…
we all have different ways to describe what we feel
we all are talented but afraid,
we fly amongst the stars following our dreams

we want to go beyond our existence but we scared of tripping along the way
perfection is not given but is something we have to work for
Underneath our thick skin, chained mouth and tearing eyes we hide emotions where no one can find we fake a smile
and pretend to be okay

the only thing keeping us alive is the artistic mask we have designed
we are all so very talented but no one will ever know
because we are different and they will always judge us because they will never understand what we have been through
silence is golden and when we are alone we create our getaway

our universe of colour and the only place we can be happy is in our art
but now it is time to take a chance of something real and uncover what lies beneath
and no matter what they say we will stand tall and face the world
because we are different and its okay not to always be okay
sometimes because just like you there’s someone else feeling the same way too

Written by: Fazlin Hanslow


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