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The method of making a simple yet effective Dua

Just three minutes daily!

Lift both hands across chest, spread out both palms facing the skies with a slight gap in between them and look into the palms with humility. After reading Bismillah and Salawaat, and whilst having more Yaqeen in the power of the Du’aa then in our weak efforts, speak to Allah Ta’aala in the following manner:

Sayyadina Thaabit (radiallahu anhu) narrates: "Everyone should ask his Creator for all of his needs even if it be salt of be it a shoe-lace when it breaks." [TIRMITHI]

We will be given exactly what we asked for, or a calamity which was supposed to befall us will be removed, or we will receive such a reward on the day of Qiyaamah that we will wish that none of our Du’aas were accepted.

(Suraah Baqarah)

Various Du'aas
1. ADMIT to your SINS: O Allah, I am very evil. Please forgive all my sins, hide them and grant me the Taufeeq of making Islaah. (reform)

2. IMAAN: O Allah, make my Imaan strong with Taqwaa and grant me Husne-Gaatamah (a beautiful Maut.)

3. ‘ILM: O Allah, grant me ‘Ilm and Hikmat (Wisdom) and give me Hidayah to practice upon what I know. Let me observe all the Sunnahs and keep me in the company of pious people in both the Worlds.

4. GOOD DEEDS: O Allah grant me the love of all good deeds, create in me the urgency to do good with sincerity and Istiqaamah (Steadfastness). Please accept my all imperfect deeds through your Mercy.

5. EVIL DEEDS: O Allah safe me from all kinds of evil intentions and deeds. Safe me from everything that leads towards evil. Let my heart reject evil and grant me the courage to stay away from all evil company.

6. SHAYTAAN AND NAFS: O Allah, protect me from Shaytaan’s presence and his sweet tricks. O Allah, make it easy for me to control my Nafs, for me to accept my faults and to worry about my Imaan until death.

7. SAFETY: O Allah, safe us from all calamities, oppression, Sehr and from hurting anybody’s feelings.

8. HALAAL RIZQ: O Allah bless us with Easy Halaal Rizq in abundance and safe us from debts and poverty

9. HEALTH: O Allah, grant me continuous Excellent Health so that I can make Ibaadah with humility..

10. JANNAH: O Allah, I beg of you through your Mercy for Jannatul-Firdaus without any reckoning,.

11. AAKHIRAH: O Allah, safe me from a bad Maut, the Athaab of the Qabr, the terrors of the Day of Qiyaamah and from the horrors of Jahannam. Please do not disgrace me in front of all.

12. PARENTS: O Allah, look after my parents. Have Mercy upon them just as they had Mercy upon me in my childhood. Let me be of service to them with kindness and compassion.

13. FAMILY: O Allah let my family be the coolness of my eyes. Protect them from all harm and grant them Barakah in their deeds, lifespan, knowledge and wealth.

14. RIGHTS: O Allah, give me the strength to fulfil everyone’s rights without expecting any of mine. Grant me a good character filled with soft speech, kind words and tolerance upon hurt and pain inflicted upon me.

15. THE UMMAH: O Allah Help the entire Ummah of Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. Grant them victory over all their enemies, remove their difficulties, bless them with Barakat and fulfil all their needs.

16. MARHOOMS: O Allah, forgive all those people who have passed away and fill their Qabrs with Noor. Have Mercy upon them and let me take a lesson from their departure form this temporary world.


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