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1. The fasts that have been missed for some reason or the other have to be kept after Ramadaan as soon as possible. One should not delay in keeping these missed fasts. It is a sin to delay in keeping these missed fasts without any reason.

2. When keeping the Qada fasts, it is not necessary to specify the date by saying: "I am keeping a qada fast for so-and-so day". Instead, one should merely keep the fasts that have been missed. However, if one has missed a few fasts of two Ramadaans and has to keep the qada for both the years, it will be necessary to specify the year for which he is keeping the qada. That is, he should make the intention in the following way: "I am keeping this qada fast for so-and-so year".

3. When keeping a Qada fast, it is necessary to make the intention at night (i.e. before Subah Saadiq). If the intention is made in the morning (i.e. after Subah Saadiq), the Qada fast will not be valid and it will be regarded as a Nafl fast. The person will have to keep the Qada fast again.



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