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The Radio Islam Masjid Awards, a first of its kind for the Muslim community of South Africa.

May 01, 2019


The Masjid, where souls are touched and hearts unite. A place of worship, a place of peace, a place of reflection.

We learn from a Hadith that there is no piece of earth more beloved to Allah than a Masjid.

Abu Huraira R.A. reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The most beloved of places to Allah are the Masaajid…” (Muslim)

With one of the most homogenous Muslim communities on the planet, a Masjid in South Africa has multiple roles to fulfill. Just like any other institute, organization or establishment, the foundation of its success depends on strategies, efforts and role players. 

After considering the importance of a Masjid in a community, Radio Islam International realized the need to recognize and acknowledge excellence. Subsequently, in conjunction with the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa and the Beacon Masjid Awards in the UK, the Radio Islam Masjid Awards was launched and is now set to take place on 24 August 2019 in Johannesburg.

Radio Islam encourages Masaajid from around the country to participate in this event and use it as a means of uniting the community.



Best Managed Masjid

In this category, the leadership and management of the Masjid was looked at. Here Masaajid were judged on competence and efficiency in the management of events, programs and other services. Other aspects that were looked at included the Masjid working with other communities, dealing with complaints, sharing their expertise and the level of integrity and approachability in running the Masjid.

Masaajid have used the following points (all or some) as a guideline in their submissions:

  1. Legal compliance
  2. Upkeep & maintenance
  3. Safety and security
  4. General utility of the Masjid
  5. Management’s community engagement
  6. Accessibility to management
  7. Programs conducted at the Masjid
  8. Services provided

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the 5 finalists for this category:

Best Centre for Educational Projects

Here, the Masjid’s educational projects were looked at. Either those run from inside the Masjid or run by members of the Masjid at another location. Masaajid were judged on their efforts to develop and maintain a learning environment for children and adults. Additionally, what was also be looked at is the classroom environment, the teacher-pupil ratio and how staff are supported with learning opportunities and resources to assist them in imparting knowledge.

This category focussed on the following:

  1. Adult classes
  2. Hifz classes
  3. Maktab
  4. Other educational programs managed by the Masjid committee

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the 5 finalists for this category:

Most Punctual and Committed Muazzin

Judges looked at individuals who make a difference in their communities. Besides giving the Azaan, the ideal candidate was one that interacts with the Musallees, enjoys a cordial relationship with them and goes beyond the call of duty to make a difference.

Judges looked at the following qualities in a Muazzin :

  1. Punctual in giving Azaan
  2. Enjoys the confidence of the community
  3. Goes beyond the call of duty
  4. Interacts with the community
  5. Absence is almost always felt

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the 5 finalists for this category:

Most Impactful Imam

Here judges looked at an Imam that has made a positive impact on the Masjid and the broader community.

Judges looked at the following:

  1. Providing impactful leadership to the community
  2. Empowering the community
  3. Providing counselling services
  4. Initiating community based projects
  5. Visiting the sick/bereaved
  6. Educating the community
  7. Visiting the prisons
  8. Interfaith programs
  9. Going beyond the call of duty

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the 6 finalists for this category:

Best Youth Service

Here judges looked at Masaajid that have developed programs or facilities for the youth in order to equip them with the mindset and spirituality that is needed in the modern age. Testaments from youth that use the services or facilities were looked at.

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the finalists for this category:


 Most Inclusive Activity

In this category, judges looked at programs that Masjid leaders or members have developed. These were either Dawah programs for Muslims and non-Muslims, programmes for women, children and the elderly that supports their intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs and charity projects that empowers under privileged communities or the under privileged in the area. Masjid open days, Masjid Iftaars for non-Muslims and Islamic awareness events were also included in this category.

This category focussed on the following

  1. Da’wa activities
  2. Outreach to non-Muslims
  3. Programs for women
  4. Programs for the elderly
  5. Charitable/Empowerment programs

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the finalists for this category:


Most Innovative Service

In this category, judges looked at Masaajid which develop and sustain something unique or innovative that supports the worshippers or the wider community. The innovation was either structural, financial, educational, spiritual or environmental. Concepts were unique, groundbreaking and a model for other Masaajid to consider.

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of the finalists for this category:


Lifetime Achievement Award

The judges looked at a person who has been involved in the running of a Masjid for a long period of time, who is either still involved, or has retired. The judges also considered posthumous awards. These people have made an indelible mark on the Masjid – either in service to the community, or in management and, their work and service is appreciated by the community. These people have been a strong inspiration to others.  Imaams, Muazzins, board members and all other role players in a Masjid were considered for these awards.

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of those who have attained an award in this category, posthumously:

Take a listen to the summaries of the submissions of those who have attained an award in this category (living):


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