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The sweetness of Iman builds a broken heart

Aug 17, 2015

Allah has promised to re-construct the heart that is struck by an earthquake when abstaining from sin. By turning your gaze away, you experience difficulty. Allah will build the heart with the material of the sweetness of Imaan.

The reconstruction of a heart broken by protecting the gaze, not displeasing Allah sacrificing a forbidden pleasure and pleasing Allah is His responsibility. With what will He build it? What is the substance He will use?

In real life, when an earthquake occurs, the government announces that the area is affected. It sometimes overlooks taxes and other payments of the affected people. Allah says that He will forgive your sins. The municipality announces that they will rebuild the houses of the people with cement and gravel provided by the government. Allah says that He does not build the hearts with cement and gravel but He will rebuild the hearts with the sweetness of Imaan. By taking the sweetness of the sight, He will grant them the sweetness of insight. They will perceive the sweetness of this Imaan in their hearts. A couplet:

I am being built with Your hand.
Blessed are my ruins.

That is, the desires which we sacrificed caused destruction in our heart. Now we have been blessed with Your reconstruction. We congratulate such destruction. We congratulate the destruction of the heart caused by sacrificing our evil desires with the help of Allah. How blessed an act to have the heart reconstructed by the hand of the Master and Creator.

I am being built with Your hand.
Blessed are my ruins.

~ Taken from the discourses of Ml Hakim Akhtar RA ~


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