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The World in Reality

I find it so funny how we all hide away so much, even though we are transparent to those who care the most!
Those fake smiles eventually fade and we have to expose ourselves.
We all fear pain I understand, but why should we lie and say we are fine when we are not?
I am also guilty just like everyone else, why do we do it?
Why don’t we come out and say exactly what we feel?

It hurts so much but we just can’t do it.
You want to know why?
Because we don’t want to be judged by others
We don’t want them to know our flaws or see the real us.
And not the person they want to see.

We don’t want it to become worse than it already is.
We all are afraid of rejection.
We fear being alone.
We don’t really want anyone around us or close to us.

We are afraid to be labeled because we see things differently.
We are afraid that we are not beautiful enough.
We have to admit and feel free to be ourselves.
How many more people are like that in the world?

It is very scary at first but we all fear something and that is a fact.
Eventually we have to realize that what other people say or think about us does not matter at all.
What does matter, is what is who we are inside.
And what will make us, as individuals happy.
We are all special, different and unique!
We should let go of all our insecurities and love and accept our flaws.
We need to see past the negativity and judgements!

Once we do that we will realize that each and every one of us are beautiful, unique and special in our own ways.
We need to stop being afraid and stop worrying what others say.
Open up your eyes and your hearts and break free from all that is holding you back, inside and out.
That is the only way to get through all this bad feelings.
Live your life for YOU and do what makes YOU happy.
Your life is your own.
Take charge of it.
The time is NOW.

Written by Fazlin Hanslow


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