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Trouble for private schools in the country

Neelam Rahim / neelam@radioislam.co.za

2 min read
02 February 2023 / 16:28 pm CAT



Times are tough with the current economic pressures the country is facing. For parents, it is even worse. They are under intense financial pressure and are struggling to pay school fees – and as a result, private schools are struggling to fill seats in classrooms as parents move over to more affordable public schools. These financial hardships have had a knock-on effect on fee-paying private and public schools, as collecting school fees has become the number one challenge facing schools, according to the latest School Survey conducted by TPN Credit Bureau.

Radio Islam International discussed the developments with the head of marketing at TPN Credit Bureau, Waldo Marcus.

The reports state that 25/ of parents did not make any payment towards school fees in 2022. According to Marcus, most schools have indicated that their most important form of income for funding is school fee collection, with 95/ indicating from the private sector and 85/ indicating from the public schools dependent on the income of school fees.

The survey was conducted to understand the challenges schools may be struggling with. These include school fees, learner arrival, and classroom resources in the main rank.

Marcus said upon the request of specific responses, people are indicating that anxiety for students and depression is increasing and the need for specialised care. The electricity crisis is also seen as an additional cost on operating generators which schools need to cover.

Listen to the interview with Moulana Habib Bobat and Waldo Marcus on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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