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Tuan Guru Handwritten Quran Handing Over To Al Aqsa Museum

Neelam Rahim |

3-minute read
17 April 2032 | 18:59 CAT

On Tuesday, April 18 2023, a copy of Shaykh Tuan Guru RA’s hand-written Quran will be handed over to the Al Aqsa Museum. The original Quran is currently held in the Awwal Masjid in Bokaap. The official handover will occur at 1:30 pm in the Al Aqsa Library adjacent to the museum after Zohar Salaah. A link-up between Cape Town, South Africa and Al-Aqsa will be made as a clip from a representative from Bokaap will be played for the audience.

Photo credit: Radio Islam International

Photo credit: Radio Islam International

Speaking to Radio Islam International from the Al-Aqsa Masjid in Palestine, Advocate Mohamed Vahed highlights the essence of the event along with the history of the hand-written Quran by Shaykh Tuan Guru.

Imam’ Abdullah ibn Kadi [Qadri] Abdus Salaam, known as Tuan Guru, the son of a qadi, born in 1712, was a Prince from Tidore in the Ternate Islands [of Indonesia]. He traces his genealogy to the Sultan of Morocco and his ancestry to the holy Prophet Muhammad [salla Allahu’alayhi wa sallam]. He was brought to the Cape on April 06, 1780, as a “state prisoner” along with Callie Abdul Rauf, Badroedin [Badr al-DinJ and Noro Iman [Nur al-Iman]; they were incarcerated on Robben Island.

While imprisoned on Robben Island, Imam Abdullah [Tuan Guru], a hafiz al-Qur’an, wrote several copies of the holy Qur’an from memory. He also authored Ma’rifatul Islami wa’1 Imani, a work on Islamic jurisprudence that deals with ‘ilm al-kalam [Asharite principles of theology], which he completed in 1781.

Photo credit: Radio Islam International

Photo credit: Radio Islam International

According to Advocate Vahed, the event will cater for provisions for both males and females. About 400 South Africans are sitting in Sunnah Itikaaf at Masjid Al-Aqsa, with many families staying at hotels.

He said the word had been spread in the hope of all the South African Muslims to attend the event. Looking forward to the occasion of history in the making.

“For us to be present when history is been made, Alhamdulillah is very fortunate with thanks to Allah [SWT]”.

South Africa has a long history with Palestine, and the Qur’an handover would strengthen those ties, particularly when we’ve seen violence during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Listen to the full interview with Host Annisa Essack on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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