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UPDATE: Heavy rains and storms ravage KZN – Ml. Muhammed Ameer

Apr 13, 2022

By Annisa Essack

Several parts of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, have been struck by severe thunderstorms and heavy rains, leading to flooding, which has brought death and destruction. Businesses have halted operations, and several critical road networks have been closed due to extensive flooding caused by the recent heavy rainfalls in KwaZulu-Natal.

According to the SA Weather Service, the province received more than five months’ worth of rain in a few hours.

In Durban, Ml. Muhammed Ameer from Darul Ihsaan spoke to Radio Islam International as the lower floor of the Darul Ihsaan building was submerged in water. The office was adversely affected, and staff cleaned up as best they could under the circumstances.

He says that the greater Durban area has seen more than 1000 people displaced and, according to Disaster Management, are currently being housed in community centres. Together with Disaster Management, various organisations assist around the clock to provide food and other essentials whilst rescue operations are being carried out.

The muezzin from the Banu Hashim Musallah in Morningside succumbed to his injuries after being trapped under rubble when the musallah collapsed. Many families are trapped in their homes that have been damaged by land and mudslides.


By late afternoon, the rains had subsided as clean-up operations began.

Ml. Ameer described the heavy deluge as the worst flood he has experienced in his lifetime, and probably one of the severest eThekweni has experienced.

Regarding the need for aid, he said that the displaced required stabilisation that had begun and that the next 24 hours would be used to assess the situation in conjunction with Disaster Management.

He welcomed assistance from all quarters, particularly hygiene packs, clothes, and blankets.

Ml. Ameer requested dua for all affected by the inclement weather.

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