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Who Names the Child?

The father and mother are the ones who are to choose a good name for their child, but if they disagree about the name, then the father has the right to choose the name. If he wishes, he may name it himself and if he wishes, he may give the choice to his wife, and if he wishes he may draw lots with her. Some Ulama say that your name has an effect on you, in other words the fate of every man is according to his name, example “Fatimah” means “the mother who weaned her child, a youthful girl “but also fatimah is the name of the daughter of prophet Muhammad SAW, who had very good manners, and a wonderful personality. Hence, we keep such names. For this reason too we name our children names that have belonged to those who possessed beautiful qualities, and we ask Allah that our children may have these qualities too. Eg: If one gives his son the name “FAROON” which means pharaoh, then do not expect him to be just, and fair. Rather name him MOOSA, may he possess his qualities. Similarly to give ones daughter the name QABIHA, which means ugly. Rather give her the name Zeenat, which means pretty.

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam changed many bad names to a good ones.


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