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[Your World Today] Who is in the worst position?

Yumna Moosa –

3 minute read |16 September 2022| 22.40pm 

Allah (S.W.T) says:

“When our clear versus are recited to them by Nabi S.A.W, the disbelievers asked the believers, which of the two groups are in a better position and which has a finer gathering?”

By saying this, the Kuffar stated that they were more affluent and that their gathering was more embellished and refined, whereas the Muslims were poor and simple. In this way, they told the Muslims that if the Kuffar were wrong in their tracks, Allah would not have favoured them in this world. To them, it seemed that Allah was displeased with the Muslims since He had not confirmed the comforts of this world on them. This made them believe they were more beloved by Allah than the Muslims.
The kuffar used the idea of followers to confirm their stance of being on higher merit.

Allah (S.W.T) responds by saying:

“How many generations before them did We destroy who were better than them in terms of resources and appearance?”

So Allah tells them that affluence of this world is no indication that worldly goods mean that you are more favoured by Allah. If it were so, Allah would not have destroyed the many nations before them who were affluent.

In Surah Saba, Allah S.W.T says:

“Those before them denied. These people cannot even reach one tenth of what we had given them before, yet they falsify my messengers. How will my retribution be?”

The kuffar are granted respite and made to see the outcomes of their actions. After that, they will bare the punishment of Qiyammah. This shows that this is due to Allah’s leniency towards them, not because he likes them. Allah allows them respite and increases their wealth, gradually increasing their rebelling. More resources could lead to more sin, which makes for more punishment during the day of Qiyammah.

Allah mentions one of the many bounties he bestows upon the believers. This bounty is Allah increasing the guidance of those who are rightly guided. When you do good, you can do more good because of the shukr you make for your good actions.
So, just as Allah gives respite to the deviated ones, he also increases the comprehension of those who are guided. This allows the guided to do things which are pleasing to Allah, and this will help one in obtaining the everlasting goal of Jannah.


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