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Youth: Vitality or Apathy?

Jun 18, 2009
‘When the eagle spirit is awakened in the youth, its destination appears to it, far off in the sky…’ (Iqbal)

* That the resistance of the youth served as a catalyst for the eventual demise of the oppressive regime in South Africa,
* That the lonely defendants of Masjidul Aqsa are no more than the youth of Palestine,
* That the arch-enemy of Islam, Abu Jahl was killed by two youths barely in their teens.
* That the first male to believe in Nabi Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam was a ten old boy named Ali bin Abi Talib (RA)
* That Nabi Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam assigned a number of positions and responsibilities to the youth. He appointed a young man of twenty-one, Itab Ibn Usayd (RA) as the first governor of Mecca.
* That Muhammad ibn Qasim conquered Sind in India when he was only seventeen.

History bears testimony to the indelible contribution of the youth to human struggle. The youth of today can only emulate these valiant sacrifices if they have the courage of their convictions, the knowledge and the necessary vision. The gallant sacrifices of the youth of yesteryear may remain the vestige of bygone days if the youth of today fail to make a fundamental shift from:


This they can only achieve through:

* The Company of the Pious
Abu Musa (RA) narrates that Nabi Sallallahu Alyhi Wa Sallam said: "The parable of a good companion and a bad companion is like the bearer of musk and a blacksmith. As for the bearer of musk, he will either give you a share (of the musk) or you may be (inclined) to purchase it from him, or (at least) its fragrance may rub off onto you. As for the blacksmith, he will either burn your clothes or the foul smell (or soot) may rub off onto you." (Bukhari & Muslim).

* The Correct Aqida (Belief)
The Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has said: "The Israelites were divided into seventy two sects and my followers will be split into seventy three groups. All of them shall be in the fire of Hell except one". The companions asked: "Which group will be saved?" He replied: "Those who are on my path and the path of my companions."

* The Acquisition of Knowledge
Ibn Abbâs (RA) states that Nabî (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) has said: "A single learned scholar (of Dîn) poses a greater threat to Shaitân then a thousand ignorant worshippers."

* Retreat into the Cave of Islam
Youth is the raw material from which the finest models of humanity can be moulded only, if they posses the spirit of Islam, the readiness to suffer in the cause of Allah and the willingness to obey His word. The Noble Qur’ân speaks of the youth who opposed a value system based on Kufr and vanity, in the following words:

"Behold, the youth betook themselves to the Cave, they said: "Our Lord, bestow on us mercy from Thyself and dispose for us our affair in the right manner … Indeed they were a group of youth who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance".

It is Time for Our Youth:

* To withdraw from the value system of Kufr and passion and betake to the sanctuary of Islam.
* To divest themselves from a value system based on pride, extravagance dazzling cars, designer clothes, music, etc. and retreat into the Cave of Islam i.e., .. to create a distinct Islamic identity; to infuse a sense of belonging and consciousness…
* To embrace the humility, simplicity and ethical values of Islam.

Arise O’ Youth! You have the vitality – Allah forbid – the apathy!!!


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