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Zehir Omar Tells Muslims to use Court Proceedings as Precedent to Read Salaah with Jamaat in the Masjid

The attorney representing the group of Muslims challenging the COVID-19 regulations say Muslims can use Thursday’s court proceedings to continue congregations at masaajid including reading Taraweeh during Ramadan.

Zehir Omar was speaking to Laudium Today outside the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Thursday.

Muhammed Bin Hassim Mohomed, Anas Mohammed Chotia and the As-Saadiqeen Islamic Centre are challenging the President in a bid to declare certain parts of the lockdown regulations unconstitutional as it prohibits prayers Muslim daily prayers in Masaajid.

Omar says the proceedings which was televised showed a violation of the lockdown regulations.

“The judge was not wearing a mask, the presidents advocates, two of them for most of the proceedings were not wearing a mask. Advocate Bham SC was at some point was not wearing a mask. I was not wearing a mask. Inside court there were clearly more than 25 people.’

Omar says the proceedings revealed that the judge accepts that the word “gathering” is open to interpretation.

“Using the precedent of what happened in court on Tuesday and today, Taraweeh Insha’Allah continues, salaah with jamaat continues and anyone in this country who is charged criminally or otherwise, I will offer my services free of charge.’

Omar emphasized that by Judge Brenda Neukircher allowing for a congregation in her court on Tuesday and Thursday is setting a precedent that there are certain circumstances where a gathering is allowed and is also an expression of the relief they seek to perform Salaah with Jamaat.

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