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[LISTEN] Moazzam Begg: “Taliban Victory Almost Like Divine Justice Against the World’s Most Powerful Nation & its Allies”

Aug 20, 2021

Image: dpa/AP picture alliance

Faizel Patel – 20/08/2021

An ex-Guantanamo prisoner and the Director of Outreach at CAGE says as the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks draws close, every invasion the US has undertaken since that fateful day has brought the Taliban closer to victory and back into power.

Moazzam Begg was speaking to Radio Islam about the Taliban seizing power from the Western backed Afghan government and the withdrawal of US forces from the country after more than twenty years of occupation.

The Taliban capped a military victory that saw the movement capture all cities in including Kabul in just 10 days and forcing President Ashraf Ghani and his family to flee the country and welcomed in the United Arab Emirates for “humanitarian considerations.”

Begg says it is hard to describe the Taliban’s phenomenal success and their return to power.

“It is almost as it is divine justice and that the most powerful nation in the world alongside its most powerful allies has been humbled by a group of people who you would say are among the poorest and the most demonized in the world.”

In their quest for victory over the US and its allies, the Taliban captured Bagram Air Base and released thousands of prisoners, including many senior al Qaeda operatives.

Begg says Bagram for him will always be the scene of a crime.

“The crimes that I saw taking place there, I was just there for one-year, but there are people I know being there for six, seven, eight years. So, I witnessed murder, the culprits that took part in that murder have still not been held to account. So, I hope to intend to ask the Taliban once they have settled to seek the extradition of those individuals that carried out those murders and that I will be a witness to those murders and to that trial if they would permit it to happen.”

On Wednesday, renowned political activist and academic Dr. Azzam Tamimi told Radio Islam, the Taliban returning to power after twenty years was truly a historic moment for the Muslim ummah.

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