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The fatal Tugela bus crash has left Eldo Coaches ‘very heartbroken.’

By Hajira Khota                                                                                                                                                              13.10.2021 A newborn was among the ten people killed in a horrific bus crash on the N3 highway...

SA Court’s Injustice Laid Bare with the Alleged Wrongful Incarceration of Mohammed Saleh Ahmed during July Unrest

By Naadiya Adams In the wake of South Africa’s July unrest, many people were arrested and incarcerated. A young man by the name of Mohammed Saleh Ahmed was one of them. He has been behind bars for around 45 days now. Radio Islam spoke to Moulana Abed Khan from Verulam...

A criminal investigation into the UPL chemical spill has gotten underway.

        By Hajira Khota                                                                                                                                                            04.10.2021    Following the protests and subsequent toxic spill in...

Phoenix preschool faces closure after child abuse allegations

By Hajira Khota 29:09:2021 Video footage of a teacher kicking a toddler has Phoenix residents calling for the principal of a crèche to be fired. Following reports that his instructor molested a two-year-old boy, community residents gathered outside the learning centre...
[LISTEN] The Baqonde Project

[LISTEN] The Baqonde Project

Umm Muhammed Umar Dr Lolie Makhubu-Badenhorst, the Acting Director of the Language Planning and Development at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and currently the chairperson of the KwaZulu Natal South African Translators Institute, spoke to Radio Islam about UKZN’s...

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