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Africa Articles

The Africa Report: tourism boom on the continent

Neelam Rahim | neelam@radioislam.co.za 5 min read | 15:00 CAT This week's edition of the Africa Report with Radio Islam International, Senior Research Fellow at Africa Asia Dialogues, Ebrahim Thembisa Fakude, highlights the various issues on the African continent. An...

Eswatini’s Supreme Court judgement threatens the rule of law

Umamah Bakharia | ub@radioislam.co.za 5min read 27 September 2022 | 10:00 am CAT The Supreme Court of Eswatini has issued a judgment to which legal experts are saying constitutes a threat to the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Eswatini. In its...

The U.S. says it kills 27 al Shabaab militants in a Somalia air strike

Neelam Rahim - neelam@radioislam.co.za 2 min read – 17:08 CAT The U.S. military said on Wednesday it had killed 27 fighters from the al Shabaab militant group in an air strike in Somalia's central Hiran region, where the army and allied forces have launched an...

Sudan’s Burhan’s response to Hemetti: The army would hand over power only to the agreed cabinet or after elections

Neelam Rahim - neelam@radioislam.co.za 4 min read 21 September 2022 15:30 CAT Abel Fattah al-Burhan, Head of the Sovereign Council, through his spokesperson, stated on Saturday that he would only render power to a civilian cabinet agreed upon by all the Sudanese or an...
The Africa Report

The Africa Report

By Neelam Rahim In discussion with Radio Islam International on this week's Africa Report is the Head of Media Monitoring Africa, Thandi Smith. Angola is the only country in the SADC region without laws to protect pregnant pupils' rights to education. Thandi said...

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