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Social (opinion) Articles

Women’s Day 2022: Realising women’s rights for an equal future

By Naseerah Nanabhai 08:08:2022 Resilient, patient, loving, and strong — South Africa honours all women on National Women's Day, the 9th of August. This day dedicated to women has a significant and painful history. On the 9th of August 1956, approximately 20,000 women...

Do teens need more sleep?

By Neelam Rahim Many parents will tell you that their teenage children tend to want to sleep and are always sleeping. But how much sleep does a Teen need, and do they need more rest as they grow or are they just milking the situation? Radio Islam International is...

Saving Month Ends On Sunday

By Neelam Rahim July is “Savings Month” on the South African calendar – a dire time to be having a conversation around savings in a country with one of the worst savings rates in the world. South African consumers are under immense financial stress given the current...

Thief caught for being on TikTok

By Mumtaz Moosa-Saley 29:07:2022 Earlier this week, a story emerged, on social media about a thief had been caught because he was on TikTok during his robbery stint. The 24-year-old man hid in the ceiling of a motor spares shop situated in Mamelodi East as he waited...