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Political (opinion) Articles

South Africa on the Brink: Rising Social Unrest Sparks Concern Amongst Investors

Annisa Essack | 4 September 2023 | 10:30 CAT 2 min read Recently, South Africa has been in the spotlight due to an escalating risk of social unrest. The Daily Investor has been closely monitoring the situation, and several factors contribute to...

Unpacking Jenin and understanding the importance of this area

By Mumtaz Moosa | 6 July 2023 | 19:30 CAT 2 min read Jenin is a small city far North of the West Bank, near the border of Israel. The area became home to many Palestinian families displaced when Israel was created in 1948 and remained one of...

The Crucial Role That Civil Society Play in Our Country

Neelam Rahim | 2-minute read 13 June 2023 2023 | 17:37 CAT Civil society has been part and parcel of the country since the apartheid era when they led from the front in the fight for a democratic South Africa. Almost 30 years into our...

Hammanskraal tells you all you need to know about an unresponsive government: Opinion

Neelam Rahim | 3-minute read 05 June 2023 | 20:12 CAT Hammanskraal tells you all you need to know about an unresponsive government, says the former executive mayor of Tshwane and Build One South Africa executive committee member Stevens...