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Political (opinion) Articles

Ahmed Kathrada Foundation: Former President Jacob Zuma’s Sentence sets a Stern Precedent

He has become known as the Teflon man escaping a guilty verdict in a rape case, managing now for years to avoid standing trial, and corruption charges, that is until yesterday, when the Constitutional Court found former President Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of...

August 5th Significant in ‘Red for Kashmir’ Campaign

5th August 2021 is a significant day in the ‘Red for Kashmir’ campaign. Recently, the world witnessed something similar but in a different context: the very successful Black for Rohingya campaign. Based in the United Kingdom, Claire Bidwell of the ‘Red for Kashmir’...

Palestine: Less talk and more action required from the World

BY ANNISA ESSACK 11:05:2021 Over the past few days on social media live streams, the world has watched in horror the forced expulsion of Palestinian families from the Jerusalem neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah. The Al-Ghawi family home was forcefully taken over by Israeli...

Biden to end the “forever war”

By Annisa Essack 14:04:2021 September 26th, 2001, saw the arrival of the first American troops in Afghanistan when a CIA team dropped into the Panjshir Valley in the country's north. A decade later, at the peak of the war, the US had more than 100 000 troops battling...