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May 05, 2021


04h00: Riyaadhuth Thaakereen – Live Thikr Programme
05h00: The Early Breakfast, Ml Habib Bobat
06h00: NEWS
06h05: Sabaahul Muslim, Morning drive time with Ml Sulaimaan Ravat
06h30: Surah Yaseen
06h45: Newspaper Headlines
07h00: NEWS
07h15: Hadeeth
07h30: Tafseer – Quran Commentary
07h45: Interviews, Current Affairs
08h00: NEWS
08h05: Interviews, Current Affairs
09h00: NEWS
09h05: MON: Book Review, Ml Ashraf Dockrat
09h05: TUE: At Taajir, Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
09h05: WED: Conflict Resolutions, Ml Zahir Raggie
09h05: THUR: Social Issues In Islam, Ml Ebrahim Bham
09h05: FRI: Nikah Notices & Sahaba Profiles, Mufti Mohammed Akoo
10h00: NEWS
10h05: MON: Socially Speaking, Sister Zeenat
10h05: TUE: Living the Legacy, Haafizah Rayhaanah Omar
10h05: WED: New Horizons, Faaiza Munshi
10h05: THUR: Household Express, Sister Ammarah
10h05: FRI: JUZ / PARA a day
11h00: NEWS
11h05: The Conversation, Ejaz Khan
11h15: FRI: Live Khutba & Jumuah Salaah from Haramain with Translation, Surah Kahf, Surah Jumuah
12h00: NEWS
12h05: JUZ A DAY (Daily Qur’an) – Local and International Recitors (MON – THURS)
13h00: MON -THUR: NEWS & Zuhr Azaan
13h00: FRI: Live Local Jumuah
13h05: MON – THUR: Busy buzzy Bees
13h30: MON: Xhosa Tafseer, Ml Muhsin Mbtolo
13h30: TUE: Names of Muhammed (SAW), Ml M.Ali
13h30: WED & THUR: Ml Tariq Terezo
13h30: FRI: Busy buzzy Bees
14h00: NEWS
14h05: MON: Lets talk life, Khatija Mohammed
14h05: TUE: Reminders, Hajira Mzobe
14h05: WED: Family Health Matters, Sister Zeenat
14h05: THUR: Revival in Motion, Haafizah Rayhaanah Omar
14h05: FRI: The Friday Circle , Annisa Essack
15h00: NEWS
15h05: Maktab On Air, Ml Habib Bobat
16h00: NEWS
16h05: Your World Today, Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
17h00: NEWS
17h05: Your World Today, Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
18h00: NEWS
18h20: Ml Junaid Kharsaney
19h00: NEWS
19h30: MON: SANHA
19h30: TUE: Labour Law, Prof Rajah
19h30: KZN in Focus
20h00: NEWS
20h05: MON: Q & A, Ml Suhaib Lasanya
20h05: TUE: 3 Talk, Ml Timol & Ml Ibrahim Daya
20h05: WED: Medical, Ml Junaid Kharsany
20h05: THUR: Extra Time, Shaakir Bhayat
20h05: FRI: Rev it Up, Ml Muhammad Kara
21h00: NEWS
21h05: MON: Q & A,  Ml Suhaib Lasanya
21h05: TUE: Golden Advices, Ml Naeem Phiri
21h05: WED: News & Current Affairs, Annisa Essack
21h05: THUR: Ulama Profiles, Ml Obaidullah Bhoja
21h05: FRI: Ml Suhaib Lasanya
22h00: NEWS
22h05: Highlights of the Days Programmes


03h30: Quran Recitation
06h00: SAT: Early morning breakfast show , Ml Ibrahim Daya & Ml Muhammad Kara
06h00: SUN: Ml Hussain Haffejee
07h00: NEWS
07h05: SAT: Wildlife & Fishing
07h05: SUN: Sunday Splash,Annisa Essack
08h00: NEWS
08h05: SAT: We can BKF, Ml Ibrahim Daya & Ml Muhammad Kara
08h30: SAT: DIY, Muhammad Salejee
08h05: SUN: Sunday Splash, Annisa Essack
09h00: NEWS
09h05: SAT: The Marriage Programme, Ml Habib Bobat & Edris Khamissa
09h05: SUN: Gardening Program,Annisa Essack
10h00: NEWS
10h05: SAT: Youth Talk, Bibi Aysha Laher
10h05: SUN: Sunday Breakfast,Ml A. Waja
11h00: NEWS
11h05: SAT: The BIG Picture, Abie Dawjee
11h05: SUN: Panel Discussions
12h00: NEWS
12h05: JUZ / PARA A DAY
13h00: NEWS
13h05: SAT: Kalimatul Huda, Hfz Husain Wadee
13h05: SUN: The Afrikaans Programme
14h00: NEWS
14h05: SAT: Kalimatul Huda, Hfz Husain Wadee
14h05: SUN: Globe Trotting, Muhammad Lambat
15h00: NEWS
15h05: SAT: The Zulu Programme
15h05: SUN: Dawah Program, Sh Samih Jaad
16h00: NEWS
16h05: SAT: Afternoon Mix,Irfaan Aboo
16h05: SUN: Husian Haffejee
17h00: NEWS
17h05: SAT: Nazm Hour, Nauman Panchbaya & Hanzalah Haffejee
17h05: SUN: Alternate Radio
18h00: NEWS
18h05: SAT: Nazam Hour, Nauman Panchbhaya & Hanzalah Haffejee
18h05: SUN: Pearls of Paradise ,Ml Suhaib Lasanya
19h00: NEWS
19h05: SAT: Nazam Hour, Nuaman Panchbhaya & Hanzalah Haffejee
19h05: SUN: Pearls of Paradise Ml Suhaib Lasanya
20h00: NEWS
20h05: SAT: Talk with Siyaam, Youth issues
20h30: SAT: Gujerati Express, Sarah Husain
20h05: SUN: Under the Radar, Hfz Ebrahim Moosa
21h00: NEWS
21h05: SAT: Urdu Lecture
21h05: SUN: Under the Radar,Hfz Ebrahim Moosa
22h00: NEWS
22h05: Highlights of the Days Programmes


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  1. Shanaaz

    Aslm ww

    I would like to know if you do programmes on depression amongst Muslim females, especially single mothers and how to overcome it.
    I have managed to kick my depression and antidepressants after 25 years. My miracle was and still is, the Quran.

    I would like to empower other sufferers.

  2. Abdul kariem

    Slm, do you have all the recordings for the late night Tafseer’s and where can we download it for educational purposes.


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