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The Rights of Parents

Apr 09, 2009
By Muhammad Mueenud-Deen Ahmad

"And when we took a covenant from the children of Israeel, "worship none but Allâh and render good behaviour to parents and kinsmen and to orphans and the needy and speak good to all people and establish prayer and pay zakât." Then you turned away save a few of you and you are a people swerving. [Surah 2, Verse 83]

This verse points out that in ancient religions every Prophet's nation was ordered to abstain from polytheism (shirk) and to do good unto parents, relatives, orphans and the indigent.

At whichever juncture the Qurân orders good behaviour unto parents, Allâh Ta'âla has laid it adjacent to those injunctions dealing with worshipping Him. From this we deduce the importance of this heavenly guidance. Following the Ibâdat of Allâh and obedience to His commandments, rendering good behaviour to parents is also Fardh (compulsory).

Good behaviour includes obedience as well. i.e. the children should bear in mind obedience to their parents in every aspect of their social (and domestic) life.

However, they should not accede to their commands or anybody elses, if they are in conflict with the ordinances of Allâh Ta'âla and His Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

In others words, the Almighty Allâh states "Be obedient to me and render good behaviour unto your parents and obey them as well." For a servant or human being, the essence of Allâh Ta'âla is that of an absolute and omnipotent creator.

He indicates the solution to virtually every step of our social life and guidance lies in good conduct to parents, obedience to them and refraining from disobeying them. Obedience to Allâh Ta'âla is, in essence, subservience to Quranic injunctions. Since Allâh Ta'âla has ordained good conduct to parents immediately after He decreed obedience unto Him, shows that he ordained obedience unto them as well. Hence, every son or daughter is constrained to act accordingly, or else obedience to Allâh Ta'âla will not be complete. As categorically stated that shirk (polytheism) is an unpardonable sin, similarly, disobedience to parents will be considered an unforgivable sin.


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