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10 Ways To Attain Khushu in Salaah – Mufti Yusuf Moosagie

Dec 09, 2022

How to attain Khushu in Salaah?

The word ‘Khusu” can be translated as concentration

In several verses of the Noble Quraan, we are instructed to perform Salaah with concentration and submission.

1) Pay attention to Tahara
2) Perform Wudhu well
3) Avoid wastage of water
4) Protect your eyes and ears while walking or commuting to the Masjid
5) Reach the Masjid early
6) Perform the Sunnah Salaah before the Fardh
7) Clear your mind before starting Salaah
8) Imagine this is your last Salaah
9) Focus on what you are reading in every posture of  Salaah
10) When any thought comes to mind, remind yourself that you are standing before Almighty Allah

May Almighty Allah grant us Khushu in Salaah

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