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29-year-old mother of 4 gunned down in Eldorado Park

Neelam Rahimneelam@radioislam.co.za

2 min read
22 November 2022 | 10:22 pm CAT

Tensions are on the rise again in the community of Eldorado Park as the community mourns the loss of the 29-year-old mother of four, Shonees van Wyk, who was shot dead on Sunday morning. Her body was found close to a known drug and crime hotspot.

Radio Islam International discusses the latest devastating crime in this troubled community with Activist Dereleen James.

The community of Eldorado Park was hopeful during the 73 days camp as a peaceful protest at the SAPS station, of which no fatalities were reported. However, the hope was followed by saddening news that the life of an innocent woman was taken.

According to James, the B Section flats are a known hotspot where drugs are sold under a tree openly. Visible policing, precisely at that hotspot, was communicated and requested from police on several occasions but has fallen on deaf ears.

She said family members of the deceased expressed their grievances towards the two-hour wait for SAPS to arrive.

SAPS has advised that additional resources were deployed to the Eldorado Park community. However, James argues, “If there are additional resources, why is it that SAPS are still taking so long to attend to a crime scene.”

Meanwhile, many people will gather as a community and return to where Shonees was murdered.

According to James, the visit serves the drug dealers with notices following a candlelight vigil earlier this evening.

Listen to the interview with Anissa Essack and Activist Dereleen James on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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