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Accept the gift of Qurbani meat with honour

By Mumtaz Moosa-Saley

The blessed days of Eid have ended, and we prepare to collect and distribute their meat to families and the needy. However, I must question how we as a society have got to the point where we feel offended when someone offers us the meat from their sacrifice?

We look at it as if the person assumes we are struggling or are in need and become offended. On the contrary, we should be honoured to accept it to help each other fulfil the final requirement of our sacrifice. Remember that one portion of the meat is reserved for friends and family, so take the gift with honour.

A decade ago, everyone exchanged meat parcels and thanked each other when they received the gift. It meant a visit from family who may not often visit or just knowing that you were thought about.  

Is it a sad indictment regarding the loss of these traditions in our homes and lives?



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