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ACTION SA calls for the arrest of teachers involved in the matric exam cheating scandal

Goodhope Dlangamandla |
14 December 2022 | 15:30 PM CAT
2 min read

Photo Credit: Dr Ernest

ActionSA is calling on authorities to arrest teachers who allegedly used WhatsApp to provide answers to students during the matric exams in Mpumalanga.

ActionSA encouraged the Minister of Basic Education, her MEC in Mpumalanga, and all other officials to take prompt action to prevent the harm this will cause to the integrity of the matric examination process, especially for those diligent students who worked hard and followed the rules.

According to Thoko Mashiane of ActionSA, teachers allegedly accepted student payment to assist them in cheating during exams.

“It is alleged that teachers were paid R1500 per student to give them answers during breaks and during the exam through a WhatsApp group.”

Mashiane told Radio Islam International that, while they cannot confirm that students had not been cheated in other subjects, it has come to their attention that the economics exam was rigged.

To find out the truth about this cheating incident, Mashiane has urged the Department of Education to conduct a thorough investigation.

“So far, the only subject in which we know it has been cheated is economics. However, the department is investigating to see if this was the first time something like this has happened and if it was the only subject, which I doubt because why did they have to choose one subject if they had the means to help the students cheat.”

She said that teachers who have been found to have acted unlawfully would be discharged, prosecuted, and jailed.

Mashiane stated that if it turns out that parents also assisted students in paying the sum of R1500, they will also be prosecuted.

Listen to the interview on Your World Today with Annisa Essack hosting Thoko Mashiane of ActionSA.


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