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ActionSA Dissolves Kwazulu-Natal PEC Following Two Resignations

By Neelam Rahim

ActionSA’s Senate met last night and decided to dissolve the party’s Provincial Executive Committee. This follows the resignation of the ActionSA’s interim eThekwini regional chairperson Busisiwe Ntshingila. She quit, claiming the opposition party is no different from the ANC. Her resignation follows three weeks after that of ActionSA uThukela regional chairperson Mdumiseni Mlangeni. He stated that he was disenchanted with the party’s leadership.

In discussion with Radio Islam International, ActionSA’s National Chairperson, Michael Beaumont, said no political party wants this to be the headlines that are read about.

According to Michael, ActionSA has uncovered what is believed to be a cloth where a group of individuals infiltrated the provincial executive committee of ActionSA structures in KZN. 

He says ActionSA have uncovered a recorded conversation with one of them and a member of the ANC talking about felicitating financial return, keeping the ANC in power in KZN municipalities where the ANC lost the majority. 

“When we dealt with this individual and kicked them out of the party, we saw a series of resignations that follow, and it gives rise to the belief that there has been a plot within the structure of the party,” he says.

Regarding the plan for ActionSA in Kwazulu-Natal, Michael told Radio Islam that ActionSA would continue growing its structures across the province. With many good people across the area in different regions and constituencies, the growth of branches in KZN has been very rapid. 

He says currently, the priority is to identify an incoming provincial chairperson. It is believed the announcement will be made in October so that the leadership can be stabilised and the excellent work of so many enthusiastic members and volunteers can be supported. 

“Internal conflict is a feature of political parties, and it’s not unique to ActionSA as it happens across the political spectrum. People need to look at how political parties respond to that conflict. In that regard, people will find ActionSA is an organisation willing to introspect.”

Listen to the full interview on Radio Islam’s podcast below.


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