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Active Patient Participation


2 min read
31 December 2022 | 6:52 pm CAT

Forming new habits and changing behaviours is a hot topic in many disciplines. Real change is possible when people take ownership of their own lives. This wisdom applies to occupational therapy patients as well. Improvement is possible when patients stop being passive recipients of information and become active participants in their care.

Numerous studies demonstrate that more than passive reception of healthcare, no matter who delivers the care, is needed for real improvement. Patients must be engaged in the process. Patients must find answers to their problems through a trial-and-error process and allow occupational therapists to guide them during the journey.

Speaking to Radio Islam International, Occupational Therapist Waheeda Essop highlights the importance and entailing of participation.

Active participation in patients who undertake a meaningful role in the cause and outcome of their treatment. This includes treatment in the form of GP visits or therapy from a physio, OT and even long-term treatments.

According to Essop, ideally, patients need to take control of their health with a medical professional as a guide.

“As an individual, full charge needs to be ensured to take steps for better health,” she added.

Listen to the interview with Annisa Essak and Waheeda Essop on Radio Islam’s podcast.


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