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Al-Jamah aims to secure increased Muslim voter support

Azra Hoosen |
21 May 2024 | 13:00 CAT
2 min read

In an interview with Radio Islam, Hafiz Imraan Moosa of the Al-Jamah party emphasized the importance of addressing voter apathy and highlighted the proactive role that Muslims and all South Africans should play in the political landscape. Moosa noted a widespread sense of disengagement among voters, attributing it to various reasons that have led to declining voter turnout.

“What is our duty as Muslims? How proactive should we be in order to ensure strategically we are in good positions to ensure we uphold Islamic values and principles? Those are the important reasons why one should vote,” Moosa said.

Moosa attributes the low voter turnout among Muslims to a lack of education, understanding, unity, and strategic efforts to strengthen the ummah in South Africa.

“We have the best leader, the Prophet Muhammed (SAW), who was the greatest example and all-rounder in all fields. It is important we take our responsibility to make a difference in people’s lives and to take care of our core values,” he said.

Moosa underscores the importance of Muslims taking a leading role rather than being led. He highlights the significance of implementing the pillars of Islam and setting an example for others to follow.

He emphasised that as Muslims, we must realise that the idea of Al-Jamah leading the city of Johannesburg, despite facing adversity and challenges, was once unimaginable; this example shows that anything is possible with good intentions and a commitment to uplifting the community.

Moosa asserted that despite Al-Jamah’s status as a small party, they stand on moral high ground, guided by a moral compass to ensure that we lead with integrity, truth, and justice.

“It is very important for the community to realise taking a mayoral position, in the circumstances whereby in the past you have had a series of a very turbulent city of Johannesburg, and to courageously take this stance, and other parties trusting Al-Jamah to lead the city of Johannesburg is a very difficult task to take on. The city was insolvent, and running a city without a budget was a challenge. We see that for 30 years, the ANC has not succeeded in leading a country to a good moral compass. The role of the mayor has not been an easy one. Without finances, it is impossible to run the largest city in Africa,” he said.

Moosa stated that the party places its trust and confidence in the Almighty, but they aspire to secure 4 or 5 seats in order to make a meaningful difference in the country.

LISTEN to the full interview with Ml Sulaimaan Ravat and Hafiz Imraan Moosa of the Al-Jamah party, here. 


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