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Anger over sewage pipe burst, wreaking havoc at the cemetery

Neelam Rahim |

3-minute read
10 September 2023 | 19:03 CAT

Image: South African

Spillage from burst sewer pipes at the Mobeni Heights Cemetery resulted in graves being covered by raw sewage, which was only attended to by municipal workers long after it made headlines.

ActionSA leader in KwaZulu-Natal Zwakele Mncwango says they have written to eThekwini Municipality’s Water & Sanitation Unit Head Ednick Msweli, requesting an immediate investigation to determine how gravesites at Mobeni Heights Cemetery were assigned to multiple family members when there is a sewage pipe in the area.

This comes as the party conducted a site inspection following complaints on social media about sewage soaking on graves.

ActionSA conducted a site inspection this week, and Mncwango said they are concerned that the spillage has continued unabated for over six months and has been reported to authorities to no avail.

Mncwango said most shockingly, one of the affected families alleged that after reporting the matter and demanding for the burst pipe to be fixed, they were ultimately blocked on WhatsApp by officials at the cemetery, and refused to give them a reference number for the escalations they have supposedly made to the Water & Sanitation unit on the family’s behalf.
“Someone needs to be held accountable for this lack of action, and for causing grievance for family members. There, therefore, has to be serious consequences taken against city officials who have failed to give effect to their duties,” Mncwango added.

“Leading up to our litigation against the Municipality for the failure to repair sewer infrastructure, we have conducted our first leg of site inspections in Northern eThekwini, whilst the second leg of inspections will be conducted in due course. Unfortunately, Municipal leadership have attempted to conceal the true nature of the state of sewage infrastructure in the city, however, we will not tire of revealing its true state,” ActionSA stated.

Listen to the full interview with Moulana Junaid Kharsany on Your World Today.


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