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Are black Friday deals worth it?

Umamah Bakharia

With Black Friday creeping towards us, stores have begun advertising their discounted deals on various products such as TV’s, appliances and phones.

However, Business Insider journalist Andrew Thompson believes this day is a hoax, manipulating consumers into spending more than they usually do. Thompson chats to Radio Islam regarding his scepticism of ‘Black Friday’.

“This is a way for retailers to sell an extra thousand TV’s or a few products that have been sitting on the shelf for a year or to make some extra money,” However, he adds that there are cases where there are some excellent deals, but the customer has to look very carefully and be aware of the manipulation.

In his article titled ‘Buyer beware: Some pre-Black Friday deals aren’t offering you any true saving’, Thompson compares some Black Friday deals that are a rip off if closely analysed.

He compares baking equipment, ice makers, pizza makers etc., to an online website price and other retailing prices to show the drastic difference.

“Black Friday isn’t a charity, and the undertone is always going to be that they want to make money,” he ends off.


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