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Are we losing the essence of Eid?

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley

Our lives have moved online, we can shop for literally anything with one click and that even includes Qurbani. 

Over the years I have watched how people prefer clicking and sending off their Qurbani donations to various parts of the world. I cannot dispute that we are currently, facing poverty globally and the need for food is dire.  But as an Ummah, we have lost the essence of Eid and the sacrifice? 

A decade ago, we, children and adults, had to be part and parcel of the traditions of Eid Al Adha.  Having to witness the sacrifice, sort out the meat and deliver it to the homes of the needy were a major part of the day. These are the memories that I am certain we all have. 

A decade later and many of the children know this day and its valued lessons, only by what they have learned in madressa, because parents seem to think of it as “too messy to get the kids involved” or they may not enjoy it and the list continues.

Are we losing the essence of this day due to it being easier to click and send, and will the next generation of children even remember the importance of this day? 

Every year, my family slaughters a  sheep in South Africa and our children are taught about the significance and rituals to follow by being a part of them. We take our kids to choose the sheep, touch the animal and be part of the process of slaughter.  The reason we do is to hold on to the lessons and values of this blessed day.  And without fail, the story of Ebrahim A.S is discussed, and the little ones are taught about the significance and rituals. 

Witnessing and partaking in the rituals are important as we learn the different aspects of the reasons and blessings of the act that proved Ebrahim AS devotion and utmost belief in Allah.

So if you can afford to, slaughter at least one sheep here in South Africa and allow your children to witness and partake in the event to remind them of the importance and reason for us celebrating this auspicious day. Allow your children to accompany you when you donate and distribute the meat to family, friends, and people in need.  Create memories and family traditions that are within the Shari’a and that will be your sadaqah jariyaah and the legacy you leave for the future generations of Islam.



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